Connecting Chinese and US/EU Biotechnology

An emphasis on innovation

• a bridge between China and advanced technology companies in the US and EU

• specializes in the development of high-quality biotechnology, pharmaceutical and diagnostic products in China

• provides all aspects of partnering activities i.e. fund raising, due diligence, drug/device development and licensing or M&A negotiations

• headquartered in the U.S.

•Operates under standard U.S. legal terms and conditions

•Strong understanding of the U.S. and China markets

Julz Pharma Identifies and solicits technology prior inflection point in US and Europe for China rights

Julz Pharma Leverages the experience and expertise of its management team in dealings with Chinese partners and market

Julz Pharma is based in Suzhou (hub for biotech activity) across from Toxicology Center of Wuxi Apptec and Tiger Med offices


  • Emphasis on Innovation

    •Science that stands apart from the pack
    •Novel underlying therapeutic mechanisms
    •Significant potential for synergy with existing standards of care

  • Structured Risk mitigation

    •Persuasive conceptual and mechanistic context
    •Strong preliminary data
    •Strong leadership of the in-licensed asset company
    •Sound development strategy

  • Essential on value

    •Reimbursement guidance and need
    •Strong potential for market penetration
    •Proximity to clinical trials
    •Emphasis on co-development opportunities

  • focus on

    •Immuno-oncology therapeutics
    •Autoimmune diseases
    •Cardiovascular diseases
    •Medical devices

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