What we do

Julz Pharma bridges the gap between pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies in the U.S. and China.

Julz Pharma facilitates the distribution of high-quality pharmaceutical and diagnostic products in China.

Julz Pharma is the trusted partner for US and Chinese pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies:

• Is headquartered in the U.S.

•Understands U.S. and China markets

•Facilitates sale and distribution of assets in China

•Operates under standard U.S. legal terms and conditions

Julz Pharma has deep links to and understanding of the Chinese pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry

Julz Pharma acts as a fair and honest broker with U.S. and EU companies

All aspects of identification, due diligence and licensing or M&A negotiations for Pharmaceutical and Diagnostic companies

Description of Services

  • Julz Pharma provides services to Chinese pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies looking to identify assets to in-license and distribute.

  • Julz Pharma provides services to U.S. pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies looking to distribute their products in China.

  • Services

    •Internal R&D
    •In-licensing innovative technologies to develop new assets in China
    •In-licensing branded and better drugs to China
    •Clinical research

  • Areas of interest

    •Oncology therapeutics
    •Diabetes therapeutics

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